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useful statistics

for orchestra


conductor: Nadim Husni / Elementi Orchestra /

The concept of Useful Statstics is the result of reflection on the presence of women in the orchestra, taking into account the historical context.
This work, in its assumptions, becomes a kind of 'sound statistics' confronting history with the present times. The scale of women's participation in today's orchestra can be verified during the performance and can depend on the country, region or institution. Therefore, the composition may be different each time and provide various information.

The idea of Useful Statistics is important due to the research aspect that accompanies the artistic goals — it was reflected especially in the segmental form, in which parts intended for women can be filled with sound or silence. The 'research' is primarily constructed to be a musical result — the statistics generate sections, hence the work has been divided into tutti segments - played by women and men and 'female segments' - played only by women. 

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