sustainable music (2022)

flute, alto saxophone, guitar, percussion, objects

SZERLIT (2022)

piano, accordion, audio playback

self-(un)winding (2021)

bass flute, bass clarinet, piano/sampler, percussion, violin, cello

Corridors in the Mind (2021)

organ solo, sampler

Part among Parts (2021)

accordion, chamber orchestra

Przestrzenie odcięcia (2021)

clarinet, percussion, piano, cello, electronics

In Constant Rapid Collisions (2021)


Unhelpful Thinking Styles (2020)

viola, accordion, audio playback, light projection

Bend and Rise (2020)

cello, audio playback

Partes Corporis (2020)

concept album

Globus Histericus (2020)

amplified female throat, audio playback

Zoom in/dolly out (2020)

ensemble, electronics

rotacja pirochloru (wersja II) (2020)

6 double basses

zero waste tip 1: don't waste your music (and video)  — version II (2020)

sampler, video

the sound of plastic (2020)

amplified costume, audio-playback

simple amplifying motion (2020)


no-body (2019)

femal voice, sampler

are there hidden figures (2019)

string quartet, electronics, video

the problem that has no name: 2 (2019)

harpsichord, harp

the problem that has no name: 1 (2019)

harpsichord, audio-playback

instrument fall Ready-To-Wear 2018 v.2 (2018)

electric guitar, percussion, costumes

playing like a … (2018)

trumpet solo

collect.consume.repeat (2018)

4 percussions, audio-playback

useful statistics (2018)


zero waste tip 1: don’t waste your music (2017)


can you hear colors? #1 (2017)

bass flute, audio-playback

Instrument spring Ready-To-Wear 2017 (2017)

flute, percussion, accordion, audio-playback, video, costumes

count to 10 (2017)

14 instruments, 2 sopranos

instrument fall Ready-To-Wear 2016 (2016)

electric guitar, percussion, audio-playback, video, costumes

rotacja pirochloru (2016)

percussion, 8 double basses, audio-playback

301.6/301.8 (2016)

bass flute, bass clarinet

Cityscape Kraków #5 (2016)


adHuc (2016)

female chamber choir

hypnagogic hallucinations (2015)

percussion, piano, violin, bass guitar

bug report (2016)

bass clarinet, harp, percussion, cello

linia delimitacyjna pomiędzy bryłą a pustką (2015)

2 percussions, string orchestra

sploty krepowe (2015)

string quartet

rzeżba rewersyjna (2015)

organ, 2 portable organs, percussion

irradiacja (2015)

horn, harp, accordion, viola

raster1 (2014)

organ solo

Rozpad engramu (2014)

flute, alto saxophone, 2 percussions, viola

oscylacje inercyjne (2014)

piano trio